5 main advantages of an UAE Visa Resident

5 main advantages of an UAE Visa Resident

Obtaining of a UAE visa resident provides you with plenty of opportunities and advantages. First of all it’s mandatory to get a visa to work, live and permanently visit the UAE together with their families, who have the right to obtain a residence visa too (sponsored by the owner of the working / investor visa).

The availability of a resident status in the UAE provides certain advantages.

1. the main one is the total exemption from taxation. Thus, all the UAE residents, both natural persons and legal entities, are free from income taxation. The UAE provides opportunities to reduce the tax payments. This is owing to the fact that the international double taxation agreements are signed between the United Arab Emirates and a number of other countries. Residents are not subject to information exchange with their home country.

Other advantages linked to your visa resident:

2. to setup a corporate bank account is easier (most of banks ask for visa resident also to setup a corporate bank account) and you are allowed to setup a personal bank account; without a visa you can setup a personal bank account only by investing huge amount of money

3. you can buy a car, rent an office or home, request electricity and do all the things required to live in a place.

4. residents of UAE, including expatriates, could use their Emirates ID card (issued together with the visa) at the e-gate at the airports skipping the passport control upon arrival.

5. more and more government, medical and insurance institutions are connecting access to their service to the Emirates ID; also to activate a new mobile number for example, you need to scan your ID into a special card reader, otherwise you cannot get it.

How to obtain your visa resident

The procedure of obtaining a residence visa presumes the issuance of a residence permit linked to the incorporation of the company. In general, the procedure of issuing a residence visa takes in total a couple of weeks only.

The validity period of a residence visa is usually 3 years (in some cases, in particular in some Free Zones it’s one or two years only), but in order to keep it valid you need to enter the country and to stay overnight at least every 6 months, but then you are not forced to stay in UAE a minimum of days. It can be renewed after its expiry date (until the company you setup / who hired you still has a valid license); if the company is active in business or not – it does not have any effect on the investor visa and its renewal.

UAE has highly attractive and relatively uncomplicated way of obtaining the investor visa. If, for example, in the European countries, to receive such visa you need to invest a substantial amount of money (1 million AED) to buy a property or to setup a company (much less expensive): as a foreign person, you need to register a basic company in the UAE – in Dubai or other Emirate, and over such company you and your family can get the investor visas. Total costs of such company are not high, and the time for the entire procedure in total, including the time to register the company and to obtain the UAE investor visa, is on average one and a half to two months only.

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